It means that these stories were not written with the intention of entertaining children.

 It means that you will see worse channel-surfing cable during primetime.

 It means swearing is discouraged but not prohibited.

 It means there are some violent scenes, though they are not excessively bloody or disturbing to nightmare proportions.

 It means that the emotional intensity of some scenes is intentionally high.

 It means the stories don't shy away from sexual subjects (such as birth control) where appropriate, but you won't find any graphic descriptions of lewd or sexual acts.

 It means that no writer is asked to back away from a potentially sensitive subject because young children might read their work. Though tasteful handling of such subjects is encouraged.

This warning is not meant to bar anyone from reading these stories on the basis of their age. Personally, I was a very good reader as a child and probably wouldn't have had any problem dealing with the stories on this page by the time I was ten. That doesn't mean that these stories are appropriate for all children. This warning is only meant to give you, the reader, some idea of the maturity level of content found on this site so that you can make informed decisions as to whether or not you, personally, should get involved with these stories.