Cool Stuff


Here's an unusual souvenir. Seven pull tops from cream containers, all with pictures from the Vienna production. I'm having some trouble identifying the Cats though. See what you think. If you want to borrow these pics for your own site, please wait until March 15th. I like to keep my pics exclusive for a month before others post them.

Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie Grizabella Demeter Alonzo? Tumblebrutus? Jennyanydots Jennyanydots again

Here are some pictures pictures from the Norwegian brochure.

I thought you might be interested to read the article from the October 82 Playbill, when Cats was new to Broadway.

Donovan Grimwood wrote this wonderful little poem for me.

I made a little quiz, I think it's kind of fun. Can you get through the maze without being splatted?

Karen found this really neat blooper. Can't see the extra person? Scroll all the way to the right. Still can't see him? I couldn't either, until I lightened the image. *giggle* Aren't bloopers fun? Thanks Karen!