Macavity's Rat Captaincy Test

Hi there! It's just me, Macavity, cleaning up a rat. You see he wanted to become one of my captains and , well, he failed the test. That's the way it goes sometimes. I want intelligent rats for my captains, but I don't want just any rat thinking that they're ready for the job, so I came up with a little test. I have this maze with ten rooms. In each room the rat has to press a brick marked with a name. Now, I give them the list ahead of time to memorize. All the names are names they should be familiar with. I even put up a clue in each room to help them remember. And I made it multiple choice for Heaveyside's sake. So they really shouldn't press the wrong brick, now should they? Of course, if they do the ceiling drops on them and I have a mess to clean up. But if I didn't have that little deterrent they'd all want to take the test twenty times a day. Thank you, I have other things to do.

You want to see the test? Sure, go on in. But once you're in you have to go all the way through. Naw, you don't need the list. You're a lot smarter than a rat aren't you? You can solve the puzzle just by looking at the clues. You do know your Old Opossum's Book of Practical Cats don't you? You see I like my captains to have some literary background, so about half the questions are directly from there. The others contain other literary references. But all of them are answered with a name from Cats. It's easy.

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